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and the corresponding forms can be found under the following link on our Homepage.

  1. First, Log in to see your account.
  2. On your account pages, you can see your loans.
  3. You can renew a loan by clicking the button "Renew".
  4. You can also renew all loans by clicking "Renew all". When clicking "Renew all", all loans that can be renewed will be renewed, and you will see which ones that could not be renewed.

Nicht verlängerbare Medien


You can extend media borrowed from you a maximum of 2 times. The return date is calculated from the date of renewal.

There may be reasons why renewal is not possible:

  •  the medium is reserved (ordered by another user)
  •  the medium is already extended to the maximum
  •  the medium is basically non-extendable
  •  the medium was only recently borrowed and is therefore not yet renewable
  •  the medium was posted with a special lending period
  •  the medium was obtained via interlibrary loan (Fernleihe)



My Account

To have access to all functions you have to log in. The fastest way to do this is via the blue field "My pages" on our homepage.

Your Username is the 11-digit number under the barcode of your media library card.

Your default password default password is your date of birth in the form ddmmyyyy.

Attention: If your annual fee is due or your media library card has been blocked, you will not be able to log in here anymore.

In this case, please contact the staff of your Mediathek Lahr.





Become a member

Depending on your age, there are different ways to register at the Mediathek Lahr and thus obtain a Mediathek ID card.

Adults register at the Mediathek with their photo ID without a form. If you wish to have the annual fee collected by direct debit, please fill out the debit collection form

Children and young people up to the age of 18 need the signature of a parent or guardian on the completed registration form to register with the Media Library.

You can find the forms under the following link on our homepage.

You always need the media library card if you want to borrow something.

You can search for all types of books in our catalogue. If you specifically want to have an e-book, you can limit your search to only include e-books.

To borrow e-books, you need to have a library card.

When you have found an e-book, click "Borrow" and follow the instructions from there.

Do you miss a medium in our inventory where you think it should be procured?

You can make an acquisition suggestion using this form.

Please note that titles older than 3 years can only be purchased in exceptional cases and that the procurement and provision can take several weeks.


You can order literature for your scientific work, your profession or your education and further education which is not available in the stock of the Mediathek Lahr via interlibrary loan.


According to the German Interlibrary Loan Regulations (LVO), the following media are excluded from the personnel and cost-intensive interlibrary loan:


  • Books which are available in bookshops for up to EUR 15.50
  • Fiction and children's literature
  • Hobby literature
  • Literature published before 1800
  • Loose-leaf editions
  • complete journal volumes - but individual article copies can be ordered
  • Media published in the current year

However, some media are only supplied for use in our media library. This cannot be clarified in advance.

An interlibrary loan order costs EUR 3,-. We will debit the fees to your user account.

If you do not have exact details of the literature you require, you can first search the Karlsruher Virtuellen Katalog.

Please use this form to order an interlibrary loan.

You will be notified as soon as we receive the ordered book!

We are open for questions, suggestions, praise and criticism!

You can reach us during opening hours at the following telephone number


For general questions or inquiries you can also send us an e-mail to the following address



Reminder service


The Lahr media library offers you a free reminder service. One day before the loan period expires, you will receive an e-mail or SMS with the request to return or extend the loan. Prerequisite is the indication of your current e-mail address and/or mobile phone number. You can register for the reminder service and change your data (e-mail address and/or mobile number) in the media library.

These reminder mails/-SMS are an extra service of the media library and therefore not legally binding. This service does not release readers from the obligation to monitor the loan periods themselves. The media library cannot guarantee the (timely) delivery of the mail/SMS.

It is not possible to reply directly to these automatically generated messages.

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